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Friday, April 21, 2006

NASA Faked the Moon landing

Neil Armstrong and his team were the first people to land on the moon and they also put a United States of America flag on the moon but Bill Kaysing said that the chance of landing a spacecraft on the moon was 0.0017 which means 1 in 600 so Neil Armstrong and his team could not have gone to the moon (2). Neil Armstrong and his team brought back an 11.7 Kg Moon rock from the moon and it was prove to show the world that they actually went to the moon. The rocks from the moon are different from the rocks on earth. Moon rocks have isotopes which were created by nuclear reactions with the highest-energy cosmic rays and earth rocks are protected by the atmosphere and magnetosphere from the radiation (3). Moon rocks also have almost no water trapped in their crystal structure and earth rock has water trapped inside but Dr Marc Norman said that they have found fresh particles of fresh glass in the Moon rocks and the glasses were produced by a volcanic explosion activity(3).

Neil Armstrong and his team managed to take some photographs and video of the moon. They used Lunar Module antenna to send the pictures of the Apollo 11 landing to earth (2). “Apollo 11 was limited to using black and white, slow-scan TV camera with a scan rate of 10frames per second at 320 lines per frame. The pictures were converted to the commercial TV standard (EIA) first before they were displayed on a 10-inch black and white monitor and a vidicon camera. The pictures were scanned at the EIA standard. Kodak said that it is impossible to take photographs on the moon because temperature on the moon is 250ºF and the film will melt (2). The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said that they have designed special transparency film for environments like the moon by wrapping it with a material which has a reflective surface (usually a white material). Bill Kaysing said that the pictured lacked stars and the stars should be visible because the pictures were taken from the moon (2) and the sky was black. NASA said that the stars were not visible on the photographs because they are too faint to be seen and also the moon surface is brightly lit by the sun; they are also wearing white suites so the stars cannot be seen on the pictures(1).

I do not think that NASA landed a spacecraft and no man also landed on the moon because the earth orbital is surrounded by the dangerous Van Allen Radiation Belts which are too dangerous since it is consists of small molecules which can penetrate the spacecraft and the space suite. On the video 2 (4) one of the Astronauts jumped and there was dust but surprisingly the dust managed to come down to the moon surface. What I know is that the is no gravity on the moon so how come did the lunar manage to go down, is it that the dust should remain being suspended on space just like the things(e.g. food that they were passing to each other) that they were using remained suspended until someone takes it . None of the people who went to the moon wanted to be interviewed by the CNN news on video 3(5); if they were not hiding anything they could have told people how it was to be on the moon because they used their money and they should also thank them for their support. They should have done what Mark Shuttleworth did, he went to space and when he came back he reported how it was like to go to space to show that he has nothing to hide. So what is it that Neil Armstrong and his team running from, why did they not want to be interviewed? If they went to the moon why did they fake their pictures because all their pictures have the same background, some have more than one light source how that can be possible. Since at the moon gravity is absent and also airless how come the flag on video 2(4) was flapping? The whole is just like the Piltdown


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Not only the moonlanding was fake, the 9-11 attacks as well! They were planned and excecuted! Dick Cheny ordered the shoot down of the last flight which contained all passengers of the two airplanes used. Flying a tomahawk into the pentagon and into the WTC does not seem a standard procedure!

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